More like the fun people I have gotten to work with… This is not my full portfolio just the work I had fun doing and challanging.


Worked with these clients from helping with web and app functionality, logos, or solidifying branding.

Pro Vox Logo
  • Worked directly with the Business Owner on the Redesign from scratch.
  • Owner wanted a simple site that users can navigate.
  • Created the Logo using Illustrator and jazzed it up with some CSS on the site.
  • Edited the video used in the Desktop Hero background using Premere Pro and After Effects.
  • Site built on WordPress and Used PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager installed for future ad compaign tracking.
Pro Vox Logo
  • Restaurant site was hacked and the old developer moved on. So the Owner/ Head Chef wanted a new site that he could edit himself after it was finished for menu updates that matched in restaurant.
  • Owner requested the color scheme and that it didn’t look too fancy as they wanted it to attract a simple clients.
  • The Logo needed to be rebuilt as it was origionally a JPEG drawing. I used Illistrator to redo it and clean it up so it could be scalled to any size.
  • I provided training to the Owner so that he and other employees can update the Menu at any time.
  • The site is a light WordPress build and mainly PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager installed for future ad compaign tracking.
Pro Vox Logo
  • Worked as one of the main Web developers on New web Marketing Projects
  • Lead migration from ModX CMS to Drupal
  • Built and edited multiple in gallery digital experiences using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also used libaries such as React, Angular and Vue.
  • Followed “Atomic Design” principles in component building .
  • Used tools like balsamic and XD for layout planning.
  • Used tool like Jira and Trello to keep projects on track.
Bobby's Window Cleaning Service Logo
  • Owner needed an Online presence as to compete with other local services.
  • Asked for the site to highlight what him and his team does in a strong way using the Branding colors Owner selected.
  • Cleaned up images in Photoshop and Logo clean up in Illustrator to vectorize it.
  • Added social media review and PayPal me integrations for added functionality to the site.
Rustic Mama Retreats
  • Worked with the owner for Logo and Layout concepts.
  • Owner requested the site to not look fancy to give it a self made and older style feel to attract that type of client.
  • Site was built in a way so that the owner and other employees can go and edit the site not just content but colors and fonts.
  • Owner was trained on how to edit the site themself after release.
  • Site was built mainly using WordPress and Divi. Custom integrations were handled by me such as Google analytics, Tag manager and Payment Gateways. 
  • Migrated Legacy SharePoint Site to newer version of SharePoint.
  • Learned and then Validated if site was accessible to meet AODA and WCAG standards
  • Updated the CSS and HTML components so that they were cleaner to maintain.
  • Cleaned XML and Databases for Public and Internal sites.
Pro Vox Logo
  • Owner wanted a new modern site to as his old one was dated and didn’t show case what the butcher shop actually had in store.
  • Didn’t want an online store and to focus on customers coming into the store or calling before hand to request the cuts they wanted. Mock ups were made in Adobe XD.
  • I took all the photography and edited it in Photoshop
  • Modernized the Logo and Updated to match store signage.
  • Text was made big and bold to match the owner’s personality.
  • Heavily relied on CSS rules for this project as the Owner only occasionally wanted to go in and make minor edits.
  • Site also has Google Analytics and Tag Manager so there separate ad company can use it.

Other Companies I have helped.


Worked on these games using Stencyl and Unity.

Mumble Jungle

Stencyl – Android

Shadow Pickup

Stencyl – Android

Slashed Landing

Unity – Web

Number Guess Bot

Unity – Web

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