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We do the following: Web, Mobile, App, Social Media etc…. Namely, if it’s digital, we can do it or find the best and most cost effective way to get it done. We aim to make Digital Media in all shapes and forms fair and accessible to all business and individuals.


Our web development extends beyond just giving you a design and then making a static page. We can do full CMS solutions with interrogations with popular social networks, eCommerce and eLearning tools. If you already have a site and want improvements, we can look into that too. We know the code and we don’t have to outsource to come up with a solution to save you money and time. Take a look at these templates that can get your started

App / Game Development

Yes, we know how to make games and apps also! We can go all the way with our skills. From concept to full release, we know how to do it all. We have created and maintained a number of games and apps on the market. Our team and contractors have played and used 100s of games/apps, so we will even let you know if it can compete well on the market though our testing and review services.

Graphic Design

We are not just coders, we know design also. From simple photo editing, to making business cards, to getting an entire poster done, we can do it.  Saying “we” is also an understatement, we have access to some of the most new and upcoming photo and graphic talent in the GTA. This means that if you don’t like what we have designed… we can refer you to someone else or an to agency to help you. We will come up with a design solution, not just the graphics only, to ensure its fair and accessible.


We offer basic SEO management as we have numerous partners who can take your marketing campaigns further. For the basics, we can set you up so that a major agency or marketing guru won’t have to scold you for not having done the initial setup.  Let us know in advance if you require more than basic SEO, so we can have the right people ready for your project.

Social Media

Some people think it’s not necessary. For others, if it’s not on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc… it didn’t happen or it doesn’t exist. The same can be said for any project. We will make sure you have these and the most current social platforms ready to handle any idea you have. Before setting up any site or making any posters, business cards or ads, we will ensure you have the basics to market it well on these platforms.

Digital Downloads

(Coming Soon)… We will feature art, photography, music, animation, and loads more done by partners for you to download and get inspired. Can’t promise all will be free but please find some way to support the artists when this section goes up.

"TYNICKO will find a way to make your project work without breaking the bank"

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