This post is not going to be too wordy or long as I will let other people and sites explain in links attached or comics…

I been asked hey TY I need a website why is it so expensive or why are you so expensive… the good ol “I have a great idea for a website!”
It only takes you and other people a short time to do this stuff I’ll go someplace else that cheaper, less complicated, or do it myself if you don’t do it…

(The budget should be discussed early as possible! Set milestones or budget phases so all work is done right as you get what you pay for in web development…)

Then a few weeks or months later hey TY my site isn’t working and I can’t afford and/or figure out how to fix it… then get upset you have to redo it or going to cost them more to fix it then if they went with a professional from the start.

The reason is though is a good website consists of a group of basic things that combined make them great…(5 Basics to Website Building) pure will and determination can’t get you though this one… only your most nerdy of friends who are already going through the hell described earlier.

I may not be the best or the worst web developer but I am surely a nerd that goes through nightmare clients at times…

If your getting into web development and want to learn how to avoid nightmare clients (I’m still learning) or looking for a website but don’t want to be a nightmare client check out this old article.

This Oatmeal Comic for how basically most projects end up.

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